Battery Packs

We provide improved li-ion battery packs for increased energy efficiency and compactness. We develop and supply high voltage batteries in very compact sizes to be used in high-performance lightweight electric vehicles.

Product Range

  • 10S5P (36V 15AH)
  • 13S4P (48V 12AH)

  • 10S7P (36V21AH)
  • 13S5P (48V15AH)
  • 14S5P (52V15AH)
  • 17S4P (60V12AH)

  • 10S10P (36V30AH)
  • 13S8P (48V24AH)
  • 13S7P (48V21AH)
  • 14S7P (52V21AH)
  • 17S6P (60V15AH)

16S-20S Custom Frame Battery Packs

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