OpenBike: Smart E-Bikes & Scooters

OpenBike is a simple solution for enabling smart features on any electric bike or electric scooter.

  • Battery Status
  • GPS Speed
  • Current and Power (Up to 50A / 3000W)
  • Distance
  • Ride Time
  • Avarage Consumption per KM
  • Estimated Remaining Range
  • Avarage Speed
  • Total Battery Consumption in WH
  • Efficiency
  • Battery Health

Keep in mind this tool is created only for monitoring your ride experience and doesn’t claim to enhance or modify any settings in your controller.

Turn your electric bike and scooter to a smarter one

Open-source metering module

It is a universal metering tool supporting any micromobility device with battery to controller dc connection.

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Standart module is equipped with XT60 sockets. You can also create your own hardware with the following parts:

  • Espressif Module
  • 50A Current meter
  • DIY 0-100V Voltmeter solution
  • 48 to 5V Stepdown module
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