What We Do

Sustainable Future

We help reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing electric transport alternatives to market. We want to improve air conditions in big cities by supplying electric daily commute solutions.

End User Solutions

We provide enduser custom e-bike conversion services at our service shop in Istanbul. Starting from 2015, we have converted over 1000 bikes to electric!

Battery Packs

We provide improved li-ion battery packs for increased energy efficiency and compactness. We develop and supply high voltage batteries in very compact sizes to be used in high-performance lightweight electric vehicles.

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E-Bike Batch Assembly

We provide professional E-Bike assembly solutions for E-Bike wholesalers and retailers.

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We have created unique software to Simulate E-Bike and Scooter mechanics. We made it free for everyones use. Available for Android and PC

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Custom Tailored Products

We offer the best quality in both motor systems and batteries to improve user experience. We also have ability to work with manufacturers to create bike and scooter frame production on demand

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