The Conversion Turkey Needs 14 Şubat 2018

Luxury days seems to be over for Turkey as country sliding in to new economic bottleneck. Transition to energy efficient transportation solutions will be inevitable as country dependent to other countries on energy.

Fossil fuel is also causes problems like, extreme traffic, air polution and noise in Istanbul reducing air and life quality for citizens living in the city.

But we have good news for the city: Bicycle use for both fitness and commuting purposes is on the rise. However Istanbul (also known as “The city with seven hills”) is not flat like other European cities which we envy for their bicycle use.

To overcome this problem and boost bicycle use for commution, We started a small business in 2015 named “Pilli Bisiklet” to convert and upgrade conventional bicycles to electric bikes and make hills easy.

Converting a bike to electric is not always easy. It is different process for each bike but with our experience on conversion over 300 bikes from all types in 3 years, now it is much easier for Pilli Bisiklet to make a bike work with electric.

We are far away from numbers that can create change for the community but other companies like Alba, Goccia, Yadea, Motolux, Citycoco also walking in the same direction.

We want to honor our 300 brave electric bike users pioneering the change. Maybe it is time to consider bike commute as an option for the Turkish commuters.

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